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Pre-Bid Projects

Pre-Bid Projects

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Federal funding supports Antigonish grid upgrade

Federal funding supports Antigonish grid upgrade

ANTIGONISH, N.S. — The federal government has announced spending of $9.7 million on grid modernization in Antigonish, N.S.

The town owns and operates its own municipal electricity utility, with about 64 per cent of its energy coming from renewable sources, including power generated from the Ellershouse Wind Farm, stated a release.

The upgrades are intended to accommodate increased renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, incorporating more modern hardware and software systems.

The new system will lead to reduced power outage frequency and duration, increased opportunity for cost-effective electrification and increased renewable integration, the government said.

Federal funding for the project is provided by Canada through the , which is financing smart renewable energy, energy storage and electrical grid modernization projects across the country.

“We are excited to announce the launch of a large-scale infrastructure investment that will serve as a national flagship project,” stated Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher in a statement. “The town’s grid modernization project is a significant initiative that showcases how municipalities, electric utilities and customers can collaborate to ensure that our transition to a green future is inclusive and benefits all members of our community.”


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