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Pre-Bid Projects

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Renco unveils interlocking building block technology

DCN-JOC News Services
Renco unveils interlocking building block technology
RENCO — Renco USA is using its interlocking composite building blocks to construct 96 units of housing in Palm Springs, Fla.

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLA. — Renco USA has announced the launch of its first housing complex in the U.S. composed of its interlocking composite building blocks.

The molded blocks are made of recycled glass fibres, recycled plastic, resin and stone, creating a material that’s rated to withstand a Category 5 hurricane, stated a release. Renco claims the technology is 23 times stronger than concrete, less expensive and its structures can be finished in much less time.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Nov. 13 for four Renco buildings with a total of 96 apartments on Lakewood Road in Palm Springs, Fla.

“As a longtime resident, I’ve witnessed the relentless fury of hurricanes and seen families’ homes shattered by nature’s wrath. It’s a stark reminder of our vulnerability. Yet, here in Florida, we find hope through innovation,” said Congresswoman Lois Frankel in the statement. “Together, we can be architects of change and forge a future where families can weather any storm.” 

Florida tops the list for the most expensive homeowners’ insurance in the country stated Renco. The average cost is now $6,000 a year, a 42 per cent increase over 2022, making it now . Renco says its product is easier to insure than typical construction because of its long life cycle, it’s more earthquake and hurricane resistant, and it’s also resistant to fire, water, mold and pests.

Construction follows colour-coded plans, minimizing construction waste, and fewer trades are required on the jobsite, said Renco. 

Renco co-founder Tom Murphy has spent more than 50 years in the construction industry.

“We now have the chance of a lifetime to revolutionize the future of construction. This means creating homes that are not only sustainable and resilient, but built to endure for generations yet to come,” he said.


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MeLissa Neal Image MeLissa Neal

Can we design/make desired house structure or do you only creat standard structure ?

D. Cruz Image D. Cruz

We are very interested in more details of the construction and the way the Plumbing, Electrical & Me hanical are integrated in the building block structure.

We are getting ready to build a house in Negritos Peru. We are currently in the design phase.

Interested in knowing more

Brian Baggett Image Brian Baggett

I have property (2 – 2 .5 ac. parcels) in the desert near Palm Springs, CA on which I want to to put two houses with sweeping views of the tall mountains nearby. I would also like to have adult living units of 400 – 600 sq. ft.
I would appreciate any information you have befitting of my situation. Thanks.

Project Solutions Image Project Solutions

what kind of R factors can be achieved when using this system up North in Ohio?


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