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Bid Center

The only bid board powered by the largest contractor network and most current project data.

Organize all your project leads and bid invites in one place

Create a central hub for your entire estimating team to work from.

  • ӰԺ, iSqFt, and SmartBid ITBs automatically appear in Bid Center.
  • No manual entry required. Forward any bid invite email and we’ll add it to your Bid Center inbox.
  • Project Intelligence platform customers can send projects to Bid Center with one click.

Find, bid and win more work

Supercharge your bid board with project leads and digital takeoffs

  • Make the right connections. Get promoted to more general contractors on the largest private ITB network.
  • Find more targeted construction leads. Projects matched to your capabilities sourced from over 100,000 general contractors, architects, and owners.
  • Save up to 3 hours estimating each bid. Send projects straight to your digital takeoff tools with one click.

Prioritize and manage your project pipeline

Easily move projects through your pipeline, from Under Review to Won.

  • Instantly notify general contractors of your intent to bid. No emails or phone calls needed.
  • Focus on your best opportunities. Projects are ranked based on your preferences.
  • Measure your performance. See which projects you’ve won and what needs improvement.

Win More Projects With Bid Center

Identify the Best Opportunities

With ӰԺ Match Score, set your preferences and we'll rate each project in your bid board. Immediately see which projects present the best opportunity for you.

Fast & Easy Workflows

Go from receiving a bid invite to reviewing project details and documents with your estimators to performing digital takeoffs—in under 90 seconds.

Built For Your Success

As part of the ӰԺ platform, Bid Center integrates with Project Intelligence and ӰԺ Takeoff to provide you with the tools to find, bid, and win more work.

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