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Our goal is not to replace your electronic tendering system, but to maximize your reach to untapped manufacturers, suppliers and contractors best suited for your construction projects.

How it works

We host ‘view-only’ copies of your documents

Subscribers do not intend to bid with these copies

We direct our subscribers to your bid portal​

Our users design smart notifications to find your projects

You receive better bid prices matching your requirements

Here the focus is on your project scope and details

What sets us apart?

Superior data

  • # of projects updated
  • What we cover
  • How we use this data

Comprehensive network

  • Our unique differences
  • Coverage,stages,details
  • Our reach in Canada

Best software

  • Intelligent Leads
  • Analyze
  • Forecast

Experienced people

A combined 800 specialists in 10 offices across Canada and the U.S.

How it works

Who provides documents?​

For the last 10 years, we have been displaying your plans and specs in our electronic plan room in alliance with the local construction associations throughout Canada. We are also a registered user of all tendering websites.​

Your tender notices are published in Daily Commercial News, Journal of Commerce, and in our project databases, ӰԺ’s Project Intelligence and Insight.​ċ

Every day, our team of researchers check online for new tenders and updates (i.e. bidders’/plan holders’ lists, addenda, bid date extensions, etc). We also call and email contact sources like yourself to validate project details when they are not available online – ensuring your bid information is the most accurate.​ċ

In addition, a specialized team continuously monitors the availability of documents to ensure plans, specs and addenda are uploaded in a timely fashion.​ċ

There is no cost to you​

How suppliers find you

We understand that the integrity of your bid document distribution process is important to you, which is why we mention in our Building Reports where your bid documents are available, their costs and other details, as per your specifications.​

In addition, the ‘view-only’ copies we host benefit you in the following ways:​ċ

  • Your bid documents go through an Optical Character Recognition and indexing process, which enables our customers to be notified of projects that contain key words of interest to them as soon as they are published.
  • Additionally, all documents are presented in a standard format based on the Construction Specifications Canada MasterFormat codes, which helps our customers to better identify projects of interest, so they can start preparing their proposals and quotes for you and your bidders.​


To evaluate relevant and meaningful bids

We aggregate and centralize project datafrom thousands of Public Sectororganizations like yourself in ONE place,and customize it for our 95,000+subscribers and 1.1 million active users inCanada and the US.

By doing this, we connect project ownersand architects with regional and nationalgeneral contractors, trade contractors,building product manufacturers, suppliers,distributors, and service providers.

Superior data

More then 60,000 projects updated in Canada in the last 12 months
What do we cover?

STAGE: Planning, Bidding, Post-Bid (Bid Results, Award/Starts)

CONTRACTING METHOD: Open GC/Sub bidding, Prequal/Invited GC/Subc

DOCUMENTS UPLOAD: RFP Architect and Engineering Services, Notices, Plans, Specs, Addenda

SECTOR: Public, Private

COVERAGE: Construction, Service Maintenance and Supply

TYPE: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, Multi-Unit Residential, Civil

LOCATION: Canada, U.S.


How do we use this data?

We communicate with project owners, architects, engineers and general contractors to track projects from conception to completion. However, ӰԺ is more than just a construction project leads service. We are committed to providing the entire construction industry with the best information and resources. We also use the data and information from our sources to:

  • Create industry forecasts
  • Identify market trends
  • Anticipate future challenges
  • Identify opportunities for growth and investment

Comprehensive network

How is ӰԺ different from other electronic tendering systems?

Our unique differences

Publishing your tenders and bid documents on an electronic tendering system can get you access to prime bidders for your project, but there are so many other parties involved in assembling the prices and proposals you receive.

Trade contractors, suppliers/distributors, building product/material manufacturers and service providers such as facility maintenance and finance companies typically don’t have the time or resources to check every tender site. If we don’t have access to your bid documents, you are relying on your prime bidders’ limited network for competitiveness of the bid submissions you receive.

By ensuring that we have access to your bid documents, you can ensure that your project gets the attention of all levels of the construction industry through our unparalleled network the day it is published. This way, all potential participants get enough time to review your project, and your prime bidders receive the most competitive quotes.


Best software

Here are some of our unique features:

  • Keyword Search within Plans & Specifications
  • Design Team (Architect & Engineers) Contacts
  • Project Details (Work Type, Trades Required, etc.)

  • Construction Details (Area, Floors, Structures, Units, etc.)

  • Important Dates (Construction Start & Completion)

Intelligent Leads

Find the right projects. Industry leading project alert service with the largest Canadian project database searchable by granular project details and in-document keywords


Leading edge keyword based, real-time analytics application searching through almost a million tender documents to provide detailed specification-share analyses, on demand


A customizable detailed view of construction activity, including historical data, current year projections, and a 5 year forecast updated monthly by the most trusted construction economists

Starts Forecast Report

Expert industry analysis including leading economic indicators, construction starts and forecasts, interest and employment projections, and market trends industry forecasts

Experienced people

Our team carefully updates your project information & documents

Our background includes architects, contractors, engineers, LEED APs, project managers, estimators, programmers, developers, researchers – a combined 800 specialists in 10 offices across Canada and the U.S. Our diversity allows us to represent all parts of the building and design industry from an “inside” perspective, an advantage we feel is evident in the products we offer our customers.

During the bidding stage, our dedicated researchers verify project details with primary sources online and, if needed, by phone and email. We constantly look for new tenders and updates, and our document acquisition team continuously monitors the availability of documents to ensure plans, specs and addenda are uploaded as quickly as possible.

Leading Brands