Daily Top 10 Construction Projects in Quebec

The 10 largest civil and commercial construction projects updated by ӰԺ on July 10, 2024, totaling $7,538,214,936. Check back daily for the latest project updates

Value 000s Stage Project Name Location
$125,777 Post Bid Nursing Homes Montreal, QC
$100,000 Planning Hospitals, Clinics Gatineau, QC
$73,573 Post Bid Hospitals, Clinics Montreal, QC
$55,870 Planning Warehouses, Roads, Government - Misc. Bldgs. Saint-Alphonse-de-Granby, QC
$30,000 Planning Sewers and Water Mains, Roads, Tanks, Government - Misc. Bldgs. Laval, QC
$15,977 Bidding Bridges and Culverts Eastmain, QC
$12,000 Bidding Elementary, Pre Schools Lasalle, QC
$9,698 Planning Bridges and Culverts Pointe-Claire, QC
$7,000 Bidding Elementary, Pre Schools, Athletic Bldgs Trois-Rivieres, QC
$6,455 Post Bid Fire and Police Stations Brownsburg-Chatham, QC